Five volunteers smile together inside the entrance of the Pacific Science Center building on a sunny day.

STAR/WHTC Volunteer Appreciation Day - June 23, 2014 - at the Pacific Science Center (Left to right: Chastity Landy, Galia Dadiomova, Chibamba Mulenga, Karen Jensen, and Tom Ross)

Two volunteers in power chairs sit outside infront of the Pacific Science Center in front of the decorative water fountains.

Lab users and Center Park residents Jim Bush and Chastity Landy at the Pacific Science Center for Volunteer Appreciation Day June 2014

Two representative from the Seattle Public Library sit on chairs inside the STAR Center giving an explanation of the SPL website to an audience.

Seattle Public Library Presentation with Cleo Brooks and Tyler Bosma - August 2014

Two female volunteers embrace each other and smile softly for the camera at an event inside the Community room at Center Park.

Malay Seng and Cheryl Rody December 2014

Two young children sit at the kids table at the STAR Open House Event right outside of the STAR center. They are enjoying vegetable snacks.

Achol and Giir, the children of volunteer, Nichole Davis, enjoy snacks at the STAR Open House in fall of 2016.

Two volunteers lean out to Chastity in a wheelchair so that she can draw her raffle ticket from the basket and claim her prize.

STAR Volunteer Misha and AmeriCorps member Priyanka help STAR User, Chastity, claim her raffle prize at the Open House Event in October of 2016.

A group of volunteers stands infront of the museum guide as she explains how a very old looking computer works inside the Living Computer Museum.

Volunteer Appreciation Day June 2017 at the Living Computer Museum with STAR and WHTC volunteers (left to right: Ed Conglio, Bob Rhodes, Misha Bromley, Chastity Landy, Sari T. Moore and museum staff)

Sari reaches out to touch one of the interactive exhibits inside the Living Computer Musuem.

Lab user, Sari T. Moore, enjoys one of the exhibits at the Living Computer Museum.