Chuck Logan

Chuck Logan, a young vocational rehabilitation client, first came to STAR in September of 2010 as a volunteer. Eventually, he began working at the STAR Center on a stipend basis. Recently, Chuck started a job doing home-based customer service for Amazon.  Chuck graduated from college with training in education and special education but decided on a different route in his career development. 

Chuck was a valuable member of the STAR Center team. He was both courteous and competent. Chuck helped STAR Center customers with a wide variety of issues related both to technology and to the resources they were trying to use. Chuck was instrumental in helping train other interns and volunteers who staffed the STAR Center front desk. Chuck also developed PowerPoint presentations and delivered them on behalf of STAR in several contexts. 

Here is a list of some of the things Chuck did at STAR:

  • Helped update computers, Troubleshoot computers and peripherals.
  • Helped clients and staff with IT questions/issues, Install software/ peripherals
  • Helped residents with email and internet research
  • Answered questions about computer use and offered assistance to users when necessary
  • Conducted meetings with staff on day to day center operations 
  • Worked with Christy during classes for internship students
  • Participated in BTOP and Monthly Meetings/advisory meetings
  • Conducted research online to solve problems in lab
  • Designed and presented promotional materials for STAR
  • Trained STAR volunteers and front desk staff 
  • Supervised and worked at the front desk
  • Corresponded with staff via email and phone to keep up to date on STAR activity

While there are many new ways for people to achieve access to services over the internet, some SHA residents and other STAR customers still face different cognitive or physical barriers to completing all parts of needed tasks independently. Chuck did a very respectful professional job of encouraging people to be as independent as possible. Chuck had some experience supporting different Assistive technology tools and sometimes used Dragon Naturally Speaking® himself.

 Chuck rode ACCESS 1.5 hours each way to come to STAR, but he said he liked doing so because STAR was a good place to be. It was rewarding to see how STAR helped Chuck flourish. We miss him, but we sent him off with heartfelt good wishes.