The STAR Of Seattle is the result of an offer in late 1999 by the Seattle housing Authority of surplus computers to the residents of Center Park. Initially this did not take into account the large number of people with disabilities, so funds were obtained from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, the City of Seattle Department Of Information Technology, and Seattle Housing Authority.  

Carolyn Carlson from the Department of Neighborhoods, David Keyes from the Department of Information Technology, and Mai Nguyen from Seattle Housing Authority were instrumental in starting the lab.  With help from a consultant in setting up the lab, the STAR opened its doors in November of 1999.  The late Randy Hayhurst was a driving force in the preparations of the STAR Center and was given the title of Director by the other Founders of the STAR Center. Those other Founders were: the late Donna Potter-Garcia, Tom Ross, June O’Hanlon-Eagle, Kathy Hansen, Jim Bush, Dan Pempeit, Sarah Howe, and Marge Adams.  

Beginning January 1, 2015, Full Life Care began managing the STAR Center and Westwood Heights Technology Center.

Old photo of Donna infront of Center Park and STAR Center signs outside infront of the building.

Resident, the late, Donna Potter-Garcia stands outside of the STAR Center when it first opened.

Resident Donna stands outside on the Center Park balcony only a few years ago.

The late Donna Porter-Garcia only a few years ago!